Margaret Atwood

“Man-hatin’ Maggie” (as we call her here in her home country) should be charged with hate speech.

Almost the entirety of her work expresses her disdain for men and tries to justify why we should be eliminated.

If she wrote that way about any other group, she’d be hit with hate speech charges.  But because it’s against men, society gives her a pass and, in fact, celebrates her work.

I don’t agree with hate-speech laws.  I’m a free-speech absolutist.  Say what you want, express what you want, anything and everything goes.  Yelling “fire!” in a crowded theater?  Yep, that’s free speech.

But if we have to suffer under the tyranny of hate speech laws, they should apply to everyone – and that includes Margaret Atwood.

Atwood doesn’t belong at the top of a best-sellers list.

She belongs in jail.



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