LOL!!! Procter & Gamble (P&G), the parent company of Gillette, stated that Gillette was forced to take an EIGHT BILLION DOLLAR write-down on their business for the fourth quarter netting them a loss of $5.4 billion!


The second a company says “we remain confident in our future“, you know they’re not.  “All war is deception” according to Sun Tzu.  “When you are weak, show the enemy you are strong.” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War).  If any person or corporation says they’re confident in their future, you can wager big money they’re questioning whether they’re gonna survive another year.

P&G claims that currency devaluation and lower demand for their product (because Western men are growing beards) are the reasons to blame.

LOL!  Yeah, 1 billion men ALL decided to grow beards in the latest fiscal fourth quarter, P&G?  Just organically and magically, men decided to stop shaving?  It had nothing to do with your incredibly offensive, ridiculous, “woke” commercial?  Nothing at all?

Good LORD you people must be in serious denial – and major damage control mode.  Just wait until 1Q results are in.  It’s going to be disastrous.

Get woke, go broke, Gillette.   We told you we’d boycott and we did.  And now you’re 8 billion freaking dollars poorer because of it.

The market has spoken, cucks.


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