Gaslight Her


Your girl serves many purposes, but don’t forget that she can provide a great deal of personal amusement.

One such form of entertainment is gaslighting.  By making her question her own memories and even her sanity, she’ll keep you entertained for hours.

Make sure you’ve both signed a consent agreement before you do it to her, but by gaslighting her until she thinks she might be losing her mind, you’ll find she bends more easily to your will and is more interesting to be around.


Inferior?  Yes.  Trash?  No.


Oh sure, you’ve got to treat her like trash in the bedroom.  If she wanted you to make sweet, gentle love to
her, she’d be in a Disney movie, not on her knees begging.

But is she worthless?  No way.  Without her, you’d have no one to dominate, no
one to use for your pleasure, no one to balance your masculine

Inferior?  Yes.  Worthless?  Absolutely not.


When she asks a question, be as condescending as possible.  Start with, “well, you see, little one …” and then explain it to her using words that are no more than 3 syllables.  “Government” is okay, “environment” is not (use “earthy stuff” instead).

As soon as you see her get infuriated, you’ve succeeded.  Then top it off with, “I hope I’ve made that easy enough for even a girl to understand.”  Then walk away.

Here’s the key: if she interrupts you to argue a point, gaslight her.  While chuckling softly, tell her,  “you just don’t understand the nuances involved,” or “I know you, little one, and this really isn’t your field of expertise,” and, “hmmm, that’s funny, that’s not what you said last week” (even if you’ve never spoken with her about this before).

Guaranteed, she’ll come back later (maybe later that hour or another day) and ask you another question.

Girls love to be spoken to like they’re dumb.  It gets them wet and they’ll keep coming back for more.


Being A Feminine Girl Is Not …


Being a feminine girl is not about suffering, it’s about service.

Being a feminine girl is not about humiliation, it’s about humility.

Being a feminine girl is not about pain, it’s about being present.

Being a feminine girl is not about being used, it’s about being of use.

Being a feminine girl is not about control, it’s about letting go.

Being a feminine girl is not about your desires, it about giving to others.

Being a feminine girl is not about abuse, it’s about acceptance.

Being a feminine girl is not about proving anything, it’s about being yourself.

Being a feminine girl is not about punishment, it’s about discipline.

Being a feminine girl is not about submission, it’s about obedience.

Being a feminine girl is not about being unable to escape, it’s about being committed.

Being a feminine girl is not about sex, it’s about love.

Being a feminine girl is not about pleasure, it’s about happiness.

-adapted from “slavery is not …” – author unknown

Hey, I have a question that’s important to me I have a relationship with a girl which most people would call “toxic”, I call it devoted. The thing is, she has alot of stress in daily life and even though she is a good submissive girl, she sometimes lashes out and i usually forgive her, or punish and then forgive her. But lately she has extreme health issues, and has had a heart attack. Since then we’ve had one argument and i kinda pushed her away. Now no contact anymore. What’s your opinion?

I think “toxic” relationships take two people to be toxic.

The best thing you can do is evaluate your own behavior and not blame it 100% on her as you move forward in life.

It sounds to me like you both made some serious mistakes.


It’s A Man’s World, Ladies


Have you thanked him today?  I mean, really thanked him?

All the decisions … he’s made them, and made them well.

All the hardships … he’s taken them upon his shoulders to shield you.

All the responsibilities … he’s lifted them from your back and made them his burden.

You need to thank him for all that he does.


It’s a man’s world, ladies.


What is your thought on transfemales? Would you treat them the same as regular females? Even if they didn’t transition?

I get along with everyone who’s not an asshole.

I don’t like assholes very much, but if someone is nice to me, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, whatever other qualifier, I’m nice too.


Edit: Sorry, I just re-read your mail and understood what you were saying.

I’ve always treated t-girls like girls.  If someone wants to lower themselves in status, I’ll treat them like that.


Hello ! I love your blog !! I’m a brat and I was wondering how do I act more submissive ? Also I’m always super excited would guys prefer someone calmer …. I always have bunches of energy !!!5”9 / Barbados / 19/ 200/ f !!

Why change?  Some men absolutely love brats.  Some men love super-energetic girls.

You don’t have to change anything about yourself.  As long as you’re serving him, taking care of him, and making him happy, don’t change a thing.

5 pieces of information.  Gold Star!  Very good girl!


Recently my husband said to me, “I don’t think girls like to make decisions yet. It’s not in your DNA. Without male guidance and approval, you have a hard time accepting any answer you give.” I got mad. Then I sat back and thought about it. He’s right. I don’t know the last time I made a decision that I was confident in without his approval or the approval of a male in my life. Another enlightening moment your page has allowed me to pause and think about. Thank you, VIS! 30/F/USA/4’10/104lbs


Any time any of us – male or female – are told the truth, it’s shocking and difficult to accept.  But if you give it a moment and do some personal reflection, the truth can be a very liberating thing.

Of course he’s right.  For the vast majority of girls, when they make a decision, they’re never fully convinced that their decision was the right one until months or even years later.  Sometimes, a girl can spend her entire life unsure about a decision made decades ago.

When a girl turns the decision over to a man or, at least, seeks male approval for the decision, the burden is lifted and she won’t dwell on it.

I’m very glad to hear your story and I hope other girls can learn from it.

5 pieces of information and an inspiring story.  Gold star + Platinum star!  Very good girl!



Teaching girls how to behave properly is kind of annoying.  It’s like making a dog jump through the same hoop over and over and over and over for the rest of your life.

And if there’s anything men hate, it’s monotony.

But come on, brothers.  It’s cute.  I know, I know … you’re a man and it kills you to admit it, but it’s cute as hell.  They get it right and jump through that hoop and you’re just so incredibly proud every single time.

So let’s just all admit it.  Girls are cute.

Was that so hard?

Actually, yes.  Yes, it was.


Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition) – Being a Homemaker Requires Brains and Skills



You’ve Probably Been Told That Being a Homemaker is the
Worst Career Choice You Can Make – But Think Again

We live in a society that pressures young women to go into
fields like business and law.  Businesswomen
and lawyers spend $300 per month on lattes, $2,000 – $3,000 per month on
lunches, $500 for a vintage outfit, and $250 for maid service.  A good homemaker can provide delicious custom
lattes to herself and her husband for less than $30 per month, excellent deli–quality
lunches for less than $150 per month, can create a unique vintage outfit for
herself for under $20, and the only expense involved in keeping the home clean
is buying the cleaning products.  

You see, being a homemaker is a great deal different than
what you’ve been taught.  It’s not the
lazy, stupid route that feminists would have you believe.  As the Operations Manager of a home, the
homemaker must be sure to lower expenses of the home without sacrificing
quality (sounds like the job of a CEO if you think about it).  The extra money that the homemaker saves can
be spent by her husband on home improvements, buying her new appliances, improving
the garden, new pots and pans, better Christmases / Birthdays / Valentine’s Days, and even on vacations for the two of you..

It’s not as glamorous as being a businesswoman or
lawyer?  That depends on how glamorous
you make it.  Why can’t you go about your
homemaking duties dressed in heels and a vintage dress with pearls and full
makeup on?  

You don’t get as much recognition from your boss if you’re a
homemaker?  Nonsense.  As a homemaker, your boss gives you sex,
gifts, shoes, flowers, you name it.  If
that’s not recognition, tell me what is.

Learning to cook, clean, sew, and sexually pleasure your
husband are critical skills.  And while
some skills may come more naturally than others, these skills are essential to the
smooth and efficient operation of the home.

Here on Tumblr, we see a lot of “stay home and suck dick”
memes which is a great sexual fantasy, but it doesn’t do much to improve the
man’s financial standing in the world.  Your
husband can’t be considered successful if you are nothing more than a sexual
toy who consumes resources and runs up his expenses.  Just staying home and pleasuring
your husband is the job of a fucktoy – a homemaker’s job is much more
difficult.  Cooking, cleaning, sewing,
gardening, laundry, ironing, medicine, organization – these are critical skills
to the homemaker.

So the next time you’re told that “being a housewife is a
job for losers”, you can quietly giggle knowing that you’ll be dressed in
unique, stylish clothes, eating restaurant level food for every meal, enjoying
top–quality lattes, coffees, and teas, all while looking spectacular doing it.

Homemaker is a loser job?
No.  An hour long commute only to
spend half your day’s wages on clothes, coffee, and food under the annoying gaze of your boss is for losers.

You’re a winner.  That’s
why you’re a homemaker.

Being a Homemaker Requires Brains and Skills, Good Housekeeping (21st Century Edition).  © 2017, Vintage in Stepford, All Rights Reserved.

A lovely insight- the proper housewife is an asset, never a liability. More than just a toy. She’s an investment.

Hi! I was wondering if you have a link to the article you either wrote or shared about birth control and how it changed the course of women’s sexuality. (I think it was you?) it was so intriguing and I’ve been talking about it to my partner— he wants to read it too. :) I love your blog! ♥️ F/24/USA/135lbs/5’4/TGR enthusiast :)

Thank you so much for your support!

Sorry to disappoint, but I have never written or reblogged any articles regarding birth control.

5 pieces of information.  Gold Star!  Very good girl!


I don’t get it. What’s so appealing about being treated like literal garbage, just because of your gender?

Women are treated like “literal garbage” in the Men First movement?

Not on my watch.

I think you’ve mistaken this for a misogyny blog.  My blog is about empowering women with the power that worked so well for so many centuries – the power of femininity.

The desire to influence society through the ideals of feminism has clearly failed.  Women are unhappier than ever.  Enrollment in Women’s/Gender Studies courses is down nearly 25% across the board.  Women are waking up to this simple fact:

Feminism doesn’t work.

When women have femininity, they have far more influence, far more power, far more value.  They’re beginning to realize that now – and it’s my duty to encourage them to regain that lost power.

The Men First movement isn’t about treating anyone like garbage.  It’s about dealing in truth and fact, and rediscovering our natural selves.